Ordering and Shipping

Order Online

All orders placed online must be placed in advance.
If order placed before 2:00pm, you can received it on the other day. 
If order placed after 2:00pm, you will received it two days later. 
If you require something sooner, call Starchiva Restaurant or 7Baker Scarborough Town Center, or come in to see if we can accommodate your needs. The earlier ahead you place your order, the more likely it can be accommodated.

 Order Pick up

Online orders and orders placed with our customer service representatives by  email or wechat can be held for later pick up. If you order online, you can select a future pick up date. If you order by email or wechat, please indicate the preferred delivery date. If you want to change the delivery date after an order has been placed, please send us a quick email or wechat us and we will be happy to complete your order with a new date.

Order Shipping

Shipping will be available soon. Please subscribe us for latest news.

Last Minute Order

This is unlikely as cakes and bakery products require fresh baked ingredients and can require hours of scheduled labor. But you can always call and ask us if we have cakes for sell in store.

General Questions

How long will a cake last in the fridge?

Depending on the cake, its icing and fillings – this could range from 2 days to 4 days for best results and the freshest taste.

What size cake do I need to order?

We can tell you the sizes of our cakes. It also makes a difference of what portion size you want and if the party will have other desserts or sweets offered. Our recommendation as follow:

6 inch/1.5lbs for 4 - 6 people

8 inch/3lbs for 6 - 9 people